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Media - The scope of the media rights you will need covered in the license. Common examples would be broad theatrical rights including home video, television show, TV commercial, radio commercial, streaming use on the internet, film festivals, and in-house videos (e.g. trade show, conference, and corporate meetings). Make a choice from these media types in the select box or enter the type of media in the “Other” box if none of these apply.
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Please give a detailed description of the scene or scenes where each Veracity Entertainment song will be used:
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Territory – The territory within which you intend to distribute your project, and therefore, required to be covered by the license (e.g. limited to a specific city/state, United States, United States and Canada, Worldwide). Arrangements can be made for limited media up front with additional media negotiated as options, thus saving up front costs (e.g. initial license would only cover film festivals, with additional separate options for distribution in television and home video).
Term ?
Term - Length of time you intend to distribute your project, and therefore need covered in the license (e.g. 1 year, 5 years, Perpetuity).
Will you be altering the songs lyrics in any way?
General Comments ?
Master Use (the actual Sound Recording) License must be obtained from the applicable record company. There is no need to obtain a master use license if you are creating your own recording of the song, but you must obtain a license from the owners of the copyright to the song on behalf of the songwriter(s). Please be aware that quotes are only valid for 90 days from date of issuance. Veracity Entertainment can only grant licenses for the portion(s) of the song it administers. We may only have a partial copyright/administration interest in some of the songs appearing in this database. It is your responsibility to obtain licenses from all copyright owners who own or control rights to the requested song in the territory noted above.