David Ahmad Balfour

“I want to be known as a successful songwriter,” says David “Preach” Bal4. With hit songs such as Marques Houston’s ‘Always & Forever”, Anthony Hamilton ’s “Better Days” and T-Pain’s multi-format Top Ten smash “Can’t Believe It” under his belt, this Memphis native is definitely making noise inside and outside of the recording studio. To the man who nicknamed himself Preach, it’s all a part of his mission. “I call myself Preach because I feel that through my music,” he says. “I preach the truths of life. I’m spreading a message. However, at the end of the day, I’m a musician first. I want people to see me as a noted piano player, composer and to just accept me for who I am.

So, who is David Ahmad Balfour? He is the youngest of four boys born to an authoress and a retired Sears appliance salesman. Bal4 took his first piano lesson at the age of five. “I was influenced by my piano teacher, Roxie Gunter,” he recalls. “ From the age of five and all the way through junior high school. She passed when I was twelve. Then I took lessons from her daughter.” His musical influences ranged from the Renaissance Baroque composers straight up to his parents’ old school soul 45 rpms by Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, The Barkays, The Isley Brothers, etc.

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