About Us

VERACITY ENTERTAINMENT is a full service publishing and copyright administration firm representing the worldwide intellectual property interests of its client roster that includes recording artists, lyricists, composers, and music producers. 

The company provides a customized and flexible solution to managing its writers’ rights domestically and internationally.  If a client has a commercially released song that appears as a digital download, on a physical CD, or in a television show or motion picture and he or she hasn’t collected all of their royalties; Veracity Entertainment can help.  As an administrator, we collect from every revenue stream available to copyright owners. In addition, we can negotiate split sheets, deal terms and the specifics of licenses for our clients. Veracity Entertainment works earnestly to achieve the deal that’s most favorable for our clients. 


Company History

In 2005 Ted Winn, Veracity Entertainments Founder and CEO, had a vision to help songwriters, who weren’t well versed in music business, on how to manage their catalogs. Having formed and administered his own publishing company, Teddy’s Jamz, Winn developed a passion for copyright law and music publishing. He began assisting various songwriters with negotiating the terms of their music licenses, split sheets, and other publishing issues. In 2006, Winn launched Veracity Entertainment and signed the company’s first client, Patrick Love to a publishing administration deal.  From there the company has grown to represent over 25 songwriters and producers. Some of Veracity’s clients have written songs for artists such as T-Pain, Toni Braxton, American Idol winner Jordin Sparks, Akon, Marvin Sapp and others. Some of these songwriters have received Grammy Award nominations, and airplay awards from BMI, and ASCAP.


Executive Management

Ted Winn
Founder & CEO

Nasceas Timms
Chief Operating Officer and Sync License Manager